Strivant ensures maximum cash collection so I can focus on my patient and not their insurance company or changes in the law. With Strivant I can rest assured that I have a team of dedicated professionals working on my behalf rather than my staff managing my revenue on a part-time basis.

- Strivant Client

There were dozens of policies that needed to be created and implemented. We worked with the client to develop, define, and implement the needed policies to address some of their system limitations and to create process consistency. Ultimately, we were able to significantly reduce overall claim rejections and denials.

– Strivant Senior Director of Client Succsss

The Strivant team is extremely collaborative and professional. They even had one of their key employees move to Nashville to work out of our office to get us cash flow positive quickly. The industry needs more Strivants!

– Client CFO

Strivant has been a key part of our team’s overall success. Our client continues to expand access to treatment for those in need and having a healthy revenue cycle will help support the communities we serve.

– Client President and CEO

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