Robotic Process Automation

Strivant's Robotic Process Automation (RPA) BOTS are designed and used in several ways.
Here are just some of the tasks being performed by Strivant’s BOTS:

  1. Eligibility checking and scrubbing responses for more details.
  2. Verification of patient insurance coverage.
  3. Charge entry and reconciliation.
  4. Claim generation, claim submission, and reconciliation.
  5. Fixing of claim exception/edits.
  6. Portal Billing – our BOTS are experienced in States/Counties that require separate portal entries with unique invoice criteria, claim generation, and claim submission.
  7. Automated pulling of remits from clearinghouse and insurance portal.
  8. Cash posting and the process of reconciling payments and identifying any discrepancies or unpaid claims.

Overall, Strivant's RPA bots are designed to improve efficiency and accuracy, reducing the cost to collect and help our clients receive timely and accurate payments for their services.

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