Press Release: Strivant Health Expands Leadership Team and Behavioral Health Addiction Treatment Services

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Strivant Health, a leading revenue cycle management (RCM) and technology services provider, is unveiling comprehensive changes to strengthen the leadership team and expand its services in behavioral health addiction treatment.

In a news release, the company shared more information about the appointments of two industry veterans: Justin Manning as Chief Operating Officer and Mike Schiller as Vice President of Business Development. Manning has over 12 years of experience in RCM operations, where he’s fostered organizational growth, efficiency, and strategy while Schiller has over 20 years of sales leadership experience in RCM services and healthcare technology, resulting in significant growth and client satisfaction.

Strivant Health is also strategically positioning itself to address future growth in the Behavioral Health Addiction Treatment market, particularly for comprehensive mental health and addiction services within Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Substance Use Dependency (SUD).

“Our further expansion in the Behavioral Health Addiction Treatment market is a testament to our commitment to the type of services that add value to the healthcare provider community and their patients. The support we provide allows our client providers to stay focused on the practice of medicine rather than the business of medicine,” says John O’Donnell, President & CEO.

To learn more about Strivant’s strategic initiatives, read the press release here.


About Strivant Health

Strivant Health is a fast-growing Medical Billing/Revenue Cycle Management company. We partner with healthcare providers to improve revenue cycle operations by optimizing people, processes, and technology. We provide Medical Billing, Collections, Call Centers, Cash Application, Patient Access, Authorizations, and Analytics designed to maximize our provider clients’ revenue. This allows our client providers to stay focused on the practice of medicine rather than the business of medicine. We have worked with over 10,000 providers representing 32+ specialties and over 30+ technology platforms in our 20+ years of business.

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