We help prevent fraudulent conduct and respond to detected violations by enforcing disciplinary standards.

Strivant Health is committed to the highest standards of ethics, legal and regulatory compliance. Our Billing Compliance Plan is to promote and assure Strivant’s services are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations regarding patient privacy and medical billing.

Compliance policy and procedures key topics:

  • Employee training and HIPAA compliance
  • Federal and State laws and regulations
  • Billing edits and submittal
  • Medicare/Medicaid billing rules and regulations
  • Commercial payors follow-up
  • Charge entry and medical coding documentation standards
  • Credit balances and overpayments
  • Balance Billing
  • Duplicate Billing
  • Identification of Billing Discrepancies
  • Medicare Secondary Payor
  • Monitoring and Auditing to Detect and Prevent Billing Discrepancies
  • Billing Services Awaiting Credentialing
  • Review of fee schedule(s)

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