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Ensure Your Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Practice Grows and Thrives with Customized Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

At Strivant Health, we recognize that your behavioral health and addiction services are places of hope, compassion, and healing. You provide exceptional care, ensuring your patients feel seen, heard, and supported on their journey to wellness.

Managing revenue cycle complexities can be overwhelming and distract from patient care. Maximizing billables, navigating insurance collections, and maintaining financial sustainability requires significant effort.

We specialize in revenue cycle management for behavioral health, with over 10 years of experience in billing and coding regulations. Our experts seamlessly integrate into your practice, managing billing, coding, and insurance reimbursement efficiently.

Partner with Strivant Health to reclaim valuable time and resources. Focus on what matters most—providing exceptional care to your patients—while we handle the rest. Together, let's get what you deserve and continue making a meaningful difference in patients' lives.

“Strivant Health has been key part of our team’s success. We continue to expand access to treatment for those in need and now having a healthy revenue cycle process will allow us to support the communities we serve.” - President and CEO 

Seamlessly Integrate with Any Platform

At Strivant Health, we pride ourselves on our technology-agnostic approach. Our operational workflows and tools are designed to seamlessly integrate with any platform, ensuring flexibility and adaptability. This means we can enhance your existing systems without the need for costly overhauls, providing a smooth and efficient experience tailored to your unique needs.


Discover the Value of Partnering with Strivant Health in Your Behavioral Health Practice

Discover the value of partnering with Strivant Health in your behavioral health practice and unlock a range of benefits tailored to meet your unique needs. With 10 years of Addiction Treatment RCM experience, our expert team ensures maximized reimbursement and revenue, improving cash flow and reducing administrative burden. We specialize in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and are system agnostic, allowing you to leverage your current investments. Our services include patient eligibility and benefit management, as well as claim appeals and reimbursement negotiation. Enhancing efficiencies, workflow, and productivity enables your practice to operate smoothly while adhering to compliance and regulation standards. Our technology-driven analytics provide valuable insights, and our customized solutions cater specifically to your practice. Experience an enhanced patient experience and gain access to a dedicated team of RCM professionals committed to your success.

You are doing great work, and so are we.

Compliance and Regulation Adherence

Improved Cash Flow

Reduced Administrative Burden

Claim Appeals and Reimbursement Negotiation

Patient Eligibility and Benefit Management

10 years of Addiction Treatment RCM Experience

Decrease Authorization denials by 90%

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

System Agnostic: Leverage Current Investment

Increase MA Gross Collection Ratio by 40%

Customized Solutions

Let Us Handle Your Revenue Cycle Management Services

Medical Coding

Assigning appropriate medical codes to diagnoses, procedures, and services rendered to ensure accurate billing and compliance with coding guidelines.

Medical Coding Education

Provide onsite and remote coding education for providers, clinicians, and clinical support staff to improve the coding process.

Charge Capture

Capturing all billable services and procedures performed during patient encounters to ensure accurate and complete billing.

Claim Submission

Submitting claims to insurance payers electronically or via paper format, including primary, secondary, and tertiary claims as applicable.

Claim Scrubbing

Reviewing claims for errors, missing information, and discrepancies before submission to minimize claim denials and rejections.

Claim & Denial Management

Monitoring the status of submitted claims, identifying denied or rejected claims, and taking appropriate actions to appeal, resubmit, or correct errors to ensure timely reimbursement.

Accounts Receivable (AR) Management

Managing accounts receivable to track outstanding claims, identify aging accounts and follow up on unpaid or underpaid claims to optimize revenue collection.

Payment Posting

Recording payments, adjustments, and denials received from insurance payers and patients in the billing system for accurate accounting and reconciliation.

Patient Billing and Collections

Generating patient statements, billing invoices, and payment reminders for outstanding balances and managing collections processes to recover unpaid patient balances.

Financial Reporting and Analytics

Providing reporting and analytics capabilities to track key performance indicators (KPIs), analyze revenue trends, and monitor billing and reimbursement metrics to inform strategic decision-making.

Credentialing and Contracting/Provider Enrollment

Assisting healthcare providers with payer credentialing processes and negotiating contracts with insurance payers to ensure favorable reimbursement rates and terms.

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Ensuring compliance with healthcare billing regulations, payer policies, and coding guidelines to minimize compliance risks and penalties.

Behavioral Health Case Study

A comprehensive behavioral healthcare company that incorporates medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder identified the need to outsource their billing operations so they could focus on their mission and grow their outreach.

Step 1

Schedule A Consultation

Start your journey with Strivant Health by scheduling a consultation with our experts. We will discuss your unique needs and challenges and provide a personalized overview of how our services can help optimize your behavioral health and addiction practice. Our team is here to listen, understand, and offer tailored solutions that align with your goals.

Step 2


Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we move to the planning phase. Our dedicated professionals will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive plan. This strategic approach ensures that we cover all bases, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in managing your healthcare revenue cycle.

Step 3

Get Started

With a solid plan in place, it's time to get started. Strivant Health will implement the agreed-upon strategies, providing ongoing support and adjustments as needed to ensure success. Our commitment to excellence means you can trust us to handle the complexities of healthcare management, allowing you to focus on providing quality care to your patients. Let's work together to achieve seamless operations and optimal results.

Passionate about one thing... Your success.

Our mission is to Improve the lives of physicians and the patients under their care.

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