Behavioral Health
Addiction Treatment

With Congress passing the Support for Patients and Communities Act effective January 1, 2020, Medicare added a benefit category for treating opioid use disorder including comprehensive Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services. Since that time, Strivant has become a trusted, strategic revenue cycle management partner offering significant experience navigating the many payor challenges and nuances around billing for these services.

As Behavioral health has moved from largely a self-pay to insurance companies offering benefits similar to medical benefits, Strivant has helped its clients navigate the complexities and billing rules to ensure consistent reimbursement for these services. Strivant has developed a deep understanding of the complex billing and coding regulations that apply to this specialized area of healthcare. This knowledge includes proper utilization of CPT codes, modifiers, and other billing requirements. We support our clients with up-to-date changes in payor policies and regulations to ensure billing and reimbursement accuracy and assist your providers and staff by identifying and providing solutions for potential billing and reimbursement issues, ultimately improving cash flow, and patient satisfaction.

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