Our firm was founded in 1996 on the idea of helping our physician clients collect more of their revenue by using better people, processes and technology.  We recognized then that over time reimbursements would continue to decline while advances in medicine and government regulation would ensure that expenses would continue to rise and care providers would have to work more hours. Because of this increased pressure, the business of medicine while growing in importance would be largely ignored in favor of patient care.  

"Strivant ensures maximum cash collection so I can focus on my patient and not their insurance company or changes in the law.  With Strivant I can rest assured that I have a team of dedicated professionals working on my behalf rather than my staff managing my revenue on a part-time basis"

To meet these ever changing demands, Strivant provides best in class Billing, Collections, Call Center, Credentialing and Analytics that are all designed to focus on maximizing our provider clients’ revenue so that they can stay focused on the 'practice of medicine' rather than the 'business of medicine.'

"Strivant provides value for their clients by increasing practice revenue while reducing the workload on clinical staff."

In our 20 years of business we have worked with over 4,000 providers representing 25 different specialties and over 30 technology platforms. 

Our Mission: Focus on our clients’ top line at all times, increase our clients' revenue.

Our Vision: To be recognized as a singularly focused Revenue Cycle Management expert.

Our Values: Our employees are our partners, our clients are our partners, our goals are aligned. 

  • Above the Line

    Strivant Health’s sole focus is maximizing your revenue
  • What do you measure? How do you measure?

    Strivant Health uses sophisticated analytics to ensure you are in-line with historical & industry benchmarks
  • Revenue Focus

    If you are focused on patient care, who is truly focused on your revenue
  • Perfecting the Business of Medicine

    Our years of experience, staff and technology allow us to deliver better revenue results for your practice